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Maintenance / Re: front brake light sender/s...
Last post by indyblue - Yesterday at 12:42:28 PM
My genuine OEM Yamaha replacement switch indeed went bad. Still don't know what failed, wiggling one of the connector tabs produced intermittent brake lighting.  I think the plastic housing either failed or was marginally defective, it only lasted one season.  Bike is always garaged and has not seen rain in over a decade so I can't imagine it's due to corrosion.  I replaced with a new OEM part and all is well.

If this one fails, I may need to try to add a capacitor for arc prevention along with dielectric grease.
Introductions / Re: 2 84 Fj1100's for me as of...
Last post by Lloyd Van Duzen - Yesterday at 12:45:50 AM
Hi Pat. Yes first one is black, bought it in certifiable condition with 75k on the gauge. I had to fix exhaust manifold where the Vance and Hines header bolts on. One stripped stud and one stud completely missing. I test drove on 10km trip. Ran and sounded awesome when I left. I turned around and was making horrible knocking noise and I thought the engine was about to fail catastrophically but drove it home and found the manifold stud problems.  I machined a oversized stud for the stripped threads and replaced the Healey Coil and stud, hopefully it will last.  The other missing stud I found in the crevice of the four header pipes where the meet into one. I put it back in too but a loose fit because of bad threads too.  I put full strength loc tite on both bad studs and it's been sitting beside my other burgandy fj in My garage since. Bonus... The black fj came with extra parts that I have been fixing my burgandy fj with.

My burgandy Fj has 42km on the gauge and is in somewhat rough shape. I ended up buying it outright after bickering and back and forth about trading my 99 kawi klr 250 for it.  The owner low balled me on it's value so I decided to outright buy the fj from him. The bike is fully intact with all parts and good tires on it, it was dirty, grimey from sitting who knows how long. Has cracked front cowling and the fork seals have leaked before. The gas tank needs the slight surface rust swished out and the petcock asmbly put back on, which I have three of from the parts with the black fj.

So the last three days of my week off work I started cleaning it under the tank, carbs off and cleaned up, starter taken out, cleaned up and armature ends greased, complete refurbish of front brakes, MC and both calipers taken apart and cleaned up.  I got front brakes working, but bit spongy on the lever but will bleed them again.

Yesterday I put the carb rack back on and poured some mixed gas in the main fuel feed hose, choked it and it fired up! Runs rough but stays running with the choke on.  Some engine noises and rattle and smoked me outta the garage for 15 minutes to clear the air. But it's running and it gave me hope to get it up and running good down the road.

It probably needs valve clearance checked and I got parts for that too...  Today I spent all day trying to get the clutch working to no avail... slave taken off cleaned and put back on, Clutch MC off and on 50 times trying out the extra parts to no avail either! Cleaning and restoring with what I had to work with. Came in the house tonite and ordered a MC kit and slave kit and new clutch lever and fork seals online.

Ya Pat I havn't had bikes in 25 yrs, had six at once and now again I have three of them.... and.... three sleds, one in the garage being built too... and... two four wheelers.... and... a full time job, a wife and family all putting demands on my time and finances that seem to cut into my small engine building and fixing time. Let me tell ya it's pretty precious at times too!

***Tip*** If you have a mini metal lathe like I do, take your brake calipers and grip the inside of the piston with the chuck jaws, clamp them tight and with a flat screw driver, you can gently pry out the piston while spinning around by hand.  Works great with no damage, just watch the machined surfaces on the mating halves of the calipers don't get scored on your lathe chuck while clamping it.

Thank's for the introduction Pat, I will check in again this week some time. Lloyd.
Maintenance / Re: FJ1100 slave cylinder rebu...
Last post by gumby302ho - June 23, 2024, 10:47:41 PM
 I also went through this and the best thing to do is tape\tie the clutch lever to the bar and walk away and enjoy your favorite beverage then dinner then sleep and try it all again the next day, it works.
Maintenance / Re: FJ 1200 Gear ratio
Last post by gumby302ho - June 23, 2024, 10:38:06 PM
I am running 18\39 because at the time RPM was out of the 38 tooth option, my 86 is showing
3100rpm at 100km\hr on the clocks.
Maintenance / Re: Washing your bike
Last post by gumby302ho - June 23, 2024, 10:28:53 PM
 Some motorcyclists say to never wash your motorcycle, spot clean it instead, electronics and moisture is there reasoning.
Maintenance / Re: 1986 fj1200
Last post by gumby302ho - June 23, 2024, 10:23:02 PM
 Before I rebuilt my clutch my ITX would slip when on the boiler but if I rode the bike normal for about 30 mins and put some heat into it the clutch would not slip. Personally for me it was too hard to wait the 30 mins before boiler activation so I rebuilt the clutch. My black bird is the same, it has to warm up and once warm it does not slip. Forced to be patient for 30 mins is harder then it sounds.
Quote from: scrapvalue on August 02, 2015, 04:21:47 PMI live in Wautoma Wisconsin and just picked up a 1985 FJ1100 2 days ago.

Nice clean bike with only 16,700 miles on it.

Hadn't been run in a year or so according to the owner.

I cleaned the carbs yesterday,(impressed on how easy it was to get them out), and got it running.

Put some sea foam in for good measure and road it a few miles.

I rode it again this morning and it ran and idled very well.

Parked it in the driveway for a few hours and went to go start it again.

This is where it gets weird.

Turned the switch on and hit the start button.  Turned over maybe a half of turn, sounded like it back fired lightly and would not turn over any further.

My first thought was that the petcock was not shutting off completely and filled a cylinder.

Took the plugs out and they were dry. Tried to turn it over and it was still stuck.

Thought maybe the starter locked up. Took t out and it is fine.  Motor would still not turn over by spinning the rear wheel. Still had the plugs out.

Pulled the valve cover off and everything is where it is suppose to be in there.

Pulled both covers of the sides of the motor,(at ends of crank shaft and again everything was o.k.

So I am very perplexed and not  very happy FJ owner at this moment.

Again, the bike was running fine when I shut it off.  :dash2:
I live in Campbellsport WI. I would have rode over and helped. But I'm in Oklahoma helping my brother instal his solar.
I was going to say if gas leaks past the carburetor it'll fill the crank case.
But sounds like you've figured it out.
Enjoy the FJ, it's an awesome bike. An 86 fj1200 was my first bike back in 86. Have had many bikes since. Came back to fjs where I belong. I have 14 motorcycles 7 fjs, mostly future projects.
Maintenance / Re: FJ 1200 Gear ratio
Last post by Meraco - June 21, 2024, 09:27:53 AM
I now have the 18/38 installed. Took it for the first ride yesterday and the specs you guys gave was spot on.

Was doing 90/kmh @ 3,000 RPM.

And the lower gear torque doesn't seem all that affected. It's still punchy.

Now I need to clean the bike up.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

I do not wish to alarm you, but you may have had a piece of metal stuck in the gears somehow.
It may be wise to drop the oil pan and look for any broken or stray metal in the pan.  A new oil pan gasket would be needed, there.
At a minimum, I would want to install a magnetic oil drain plug in the pan, to capture every atom of loose steel in the pan.  There are several makers of magnetic drain plugs; some are even drilled for safety (lock) wire, which I strongly recommend anyway.  The Internet can show you how to employ safety (lock) wire.  HTH.
GREAT use of search tools!  And good follow up on a problem solved!   :good:

Introduce yourself and your bike and enjoy