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1992 FJ1200 80k mile $750 Craigslist find - resurrection Cincinnati

Started by Cincycaddy, September 14, 2023, 08:46:58 AM

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Some of you may have seen me post over on the FJ1200 FB Owners group but I'll do a build thread here:

BIKE: 1992 Yamaha FJ1200AD

Original owner bike was sold as a holdover/unsold in Summer 1994. I found in on Cragslist for $995 while searching for a set of Givi cases. I knew nothing about these bikes coming in although I do own quite a few bikes and scooters I just did not know anything about these bikes. But for the asking price and description I figured for that kind of money it was hard to pass up.

A few days pass since contacting seller and he calls to tell me it isn't starting now, it was getting hard to start but wouldn't start at all now. And that he was changing price to $800 and if someone showed up with $750 they could have it. I grabbed my cash, hoooked up my trailer and so here we are.

Original AD Copy:

The Good: ORIGINAL OWNER of 29 years for this m/c. I purchased this brand new in late Summer 1994 as a never sold hold-over. Includes all the OEM items; 2 keys, Owner's Manual, toolkit, all papers, clear OHIO title. Wiseco 1219 piston kit installed @ 44k miles. Ported head work. Stage 4 jet kit. Once it's warmed up it will MOVE!! You think miles are against it? Un-huh. NO motor or transmission issues. Never changed any gears in it. The Yamaha motor is bullet proof. With this higher compression motor, Premium fuel is highly recommended. Mid-grade fuel at worse. Currently has ~ 3 gallons in the 5.8 gallon fuel tank. (Almost) brand new Avon Spirit ST, dual compound tires. 120/70-ZR17, Front, less than 1200 miles on it. 150/80-ZR16, Rear, less than 500 miles on it. GIVI cases with the Monokey Wingrack 2 system, 2 OEM keys for the bags. (Almost) new CORBIN custom seat, less than 1,000 miles on it. Rear hyperlites. GPS / cell phone mounts. "Predator" dual exhaust system, from England. Engine / case guards installed, from England. OEM rear T/S's, OEM fork springs and bar end weights. Cruise control (handlebar throttle lock installed). Many, many extra parts and supplies will go with this FJ1200ABS that I've accumulated over the last 29 years; fuel filters, oil filters, spark plugs, brake disc pads, spare headlight bulb, the TS's and items above....anything I have FJ, goes with the FJ!

The Bad: (not really but sort of) -
Fuel gauge: doesn't work, won't move, been that way a few years now, never took the time to investigate the float arm in the tank. ALL electrics work except for the fuel gauge.

Getting cantankerous to start: Those that own bikes a LONG time will know what I mean. This FJ, pull choke out 4-5 "clicks", twist 1x full-on throttle, back to neutral, hit starter button. Let it start. WAIT 30-40 seconds until it goes to High Idle. And then play w/the throttle a little bit. Keep on battery tender when not riding. I use heavier oil in the Summer (Jun-Jul-Aug for sure), and then switch to 10W for Fall and Spring riding. The Wiseco 1219 motor (indestructible!!!) WILL get very hot in the Summer with lighter oils.
The Ugly: N/A. The FJ1200ABS is not an ugly motorcycle.
After 29 years, I'm ready to let it go. Again, LOTS of extra's go with this bike. Priced at less than what the 2 Avon's and the Corbin seat recently cost me.
Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

The bike photos from listing:

The bike loaded:

I'll update this post as I troubleshoot and work on this old girl. I don't want to sink a ton of money into her as she is one of about 12 other bikes I own but I think or hope that will some love a bit of tinkering she has many more miles left in her.


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I've been able to get the bike to start with a fresh battery but she does not want to well under load. Exhaust temps seem to be all over the place. I also suspect that the voltage regulator is either bad or going bad. I've ordered a voltage regulator kit which is on it's way. I've also decided to rebuild the carbs or at least pull them, clean the jets and replace all the rubber o-rings etc. Parts other just placed with RPM.

Throttle cable also was a bit frayed so ordered a new OEM cable to. And as luck would have it the petcock is dripping some too - so bought one of those now too. Anyway she is torn down on the lift table waiting on parts. My first world problem is I am now up to 13 motorcycles/scooters and my once big enough 3 car garage just isn't big enough anymore. Believe it or not our 1915 Model T is tucked over there in the corner too. :)