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Started by twood1972, March 12, 2023, 06:53:28 AM

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Good morning gentlemen.
Curious if RPM's carb rebuild kits for 87 and up will work with my 86? Currently RPM is out of kits for my bike but as far as I'm aware, the needle and seat are the only differences but the diameter of the seat is the same as well as the o-rings.


Carbs on '86 and '87 FJs are identical.  Only difference from '86 to '93 is a change in the needle seats for the fuel pump models (88+).

So, the answer is: Yes, the kits will work.  Odd that he would be out of the carb kit.



Thank you. I miss spoke about years. 86 and 87 the same. 88 wen't to fuel pump. Assumed the seat will fit but orifice is different diameter. RPM must only be out of the seat hence the kit for 86 and 87 is not available. I ordered needles and o-rings and I'll just polish the seat. Was only leaking past the o-ring for the seat anyway but I figured "new o-rings, May as well get new seats too". New emulsion tubes and hardware to replace those soft screws also. So seat for 88 and up will work, even though they are designed to have pressure applied to them?

Pat Conlon

Hey Tim, all the 84 thru 87 gravity flow FJ's used the same fuel bowl float needle and needle seat.
If they don't have the 86/87 seats, do they have the 84/85? Same same.
Some folks have used the small fuel pump seats with their gravity flow FJ and have not reported any starvation problems, on the other hand, folks have definitely reported flooding when they used the large gravity flow seats (84/87) on their fuel pump FJ's. It seems that the higher fuel pressure from the pump pushes the float needle to off the seat with the larger orfiice needle seat.


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Thanks Pat. Hopefully the problem is resolved with the new o-rings and needles. If not, I'll order the seats for 84/85 1100's. Or possibly by then, they will have seats for 86/87 1200's. Either way will work.
Thanks you for the info!


Like they said to you earlier, there is no difference in FJ 1100 and early 86/87 1200 seats. Same part from Mikuni, no need to wait for them to have the 86/87 because they already have it, albeit with designation for FJ 1100.
Seats can be cleaned. If they have no physical damage, you don't need new ones.

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RPM - Robert

Quote from: SlowOldGuy on March 12, 2023, 04:39:17 PM
Odd that he would be out of the carb kit.


We aren't. We have about 20 each of the 3 different kits, as well as the needle seats.

Edit: I see what happened, now, that I am at the shop. Someone created multiple orders and kept adding them to their cart, which automatically removes them from our online inventory. Now that I have deleted the unprocessed orders they are back online.


Thanks Robert,  no worries, I have some new o-rings and needles coming from you. I'll just polish the seats I have.
Thanks for checking!