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Hoping someone can answer non FJ question

Started by chiz, March 15, 2023, 11:07:35 AM

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Hope everyone has survived the winter although here it's still marches on like if it's January.

  I have a pushrod engine with solid cam followers I would really like to find out the lift at the valve .. how much has the valve traveled from closed to open.. Measured this

as carefully as I could with digital caliper by subtracting the closed position from the open at the keeper ex.375 in .217.    ok official  quoted numbers are ex.150   in.143 at lobe centre though
numbers are slightly different if the cam gears are rotated to a different keyway of the three keyways that are on each cam gear at lobe centre

Iam measuring valve travel, the term valve lift is mostly given to lift at cam lobe centre I think. Which is not what I measured which was valve travel or lift I guess.

  The stupid question is how does lift at lobe centre change so much compared to valve movement when measured at the collar? is the rocker ratio of 1.1 to 1 and push rods doing this?  Does valve movement of .375 and .271 sound Ok even when compared to quoted numbers? rediculous question I know but still a bit puzzled.

   Thanks Chiz