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1984 FJ1100

Started by SplatFL, April 14, 2022, 03:11:45 PM

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Hello Everyone-

I have an 84 that I pulled from "ran when parked" status about a year ago. I love it but it has to go. I don't ride it more than twice a month and I need the money.

You guys know FJs. This is one. It has starter chain slap when cold, etc. . It deserves the fork upgrade but I am going to let the next guy do that. It does not have the 1-2 gear abuse problem.  44k miles.

Basically , I went through it, cleaned the carbs, replaced calipers w used OE parts, tuned the carbs a little, fresh tires, HID headlamp, battery, petcock and I guess a few other things.  I then rode the pepper out of it.

I have a Corbin seat on it which is the best thing I did. Still have the original. The only other significant non-original thing on it is the exhaust. It has headers and Supertrapp mufflers. I expected to hate those but they actually sound good.

We have intercom in our helmets so the exhaust noise is not an issue. It does sound pretty good when the revs get high.

It is ready to ride in everyway possible. It pulls like a freight train over 80 and rides slow like it is supposed to. I am going to put a picture or two here but if anyone is really interested, I will send them whatever they want. I am not looking to dump it , by any means, but I will listen to serious offers.

I am in Ormond Beach , FL.


Do you still have this bike for sale?