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Started by woodcreekpete, December 12, 2022, 01:21:23 PM

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This one's pretty much the same as the last FJ I put back together. A few more stickers though. I really like the way the paint scheme turned out on the first one, so why go with something else. Plus, I still had a bunch of the red vinyl left over.
Front end is 97 ZX9. New bushes and seals, stock springs (rated at 1.05 but probably less after 25yrs). Machined fork caps to use the stock clipons. Lots of time went into these.
Motor is stock - has about 58k miles on it. Shims were adjusted. Carbs got the sonic treatment, 115 mains, 42.5 pilots, adjustable needles up 1 notch. RPM pods.Spin-on RPM adapter.
Stock pipes thru a modified collector into shortened V&H. Fresh ceramic re-pack.
Shock is a Showa out of a BMW 650 Dakar. Uses the stock FJ spring. Remote reservoir, remote hydraulic pre-load, adjustable rebound and compression damping. All rebuilt.
Since the pictures were taken, it's had a nice shiny Gixxer 5.5" installed with a useable 190 Metzeler.
Solo Corbin.
Plastics are the usual combination of good and patched parts.
Paint's rattle can with 2 part SprayMax clear satin over it.
Comes with all the spares that were left after Dan the Giant Killer pretty much cleaned me out. There's a very clean, re-painted motor that, unfortunately needs its' top end done, and front and rear stands. Spare clutch, another set of carbs, bunch of other small stuff.

Rode it all of 16 kms just to see that all was well. No plates, insurance or even ownership so it was a pretty low key shakedown run. Nothin' broke or fell off.
This is most definitely the last of the line. Been a tremendous education though. Time to move back to the West coast and stare out to sea.
Would like to see $3200 Cdn for all of it. A paltry $2600US. I'd swap it for a decent diesel cube van though, maybe with some cash thrown in from my end.


Good day.  I saw your fj on kijiji.  I'm in Ontario too, but way up northwest of Thunder Bay.  I'm looking for an fj; not sure if what you have is for me.  But I'm tempted...

Old Rider

WOW i have missed this post Bike looks really good  :good2: