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Dead Diaphram?

Started by CanuckFJ, May 07, 2012, 08:34:52 AM

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OK, so here's the deal....... Bought the bike last year (86 fj12) I noticed a small 1/2' tall tube sticking out of the fuel cap.  The old owner said the diaphram was not working so there was no fuel getting to the carbs because there was no air getrting in the fuel tank so he put a "vent" on the gas cap. How hard to change the diaphram and is there 1 for each carb?  Got a new fuel cap to get rid of tubing.

86 FJ12
Kingston, ON


I think your problem is the flap in the gas cap vent, not carb diaphrams. Search the forum for "flapectomy", and read up.  Be careful not to lose the tiny spring and detent ball when you disassemble the cap.