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Carburetor Seat Polishing Advice

Started by Lotsokids, July 16, 2011, 10:50:54 AM

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I learned this from a mechanic about 20 years ago. It works GREAT.

All you need is some Q-tips, toothpaste, and carb cleaner.

1. Smear a very small amount of toothpast onto the top of the Q-tip. Rub it in gently with your fingers so chunks of toothpaste don't end up in the fuel passage.

2. Insert the Q-tip into the seat and rotate it back-and-forth a few times. Then use the other end of the Q-tip to clean the residue out.

3. Hold the carb upside-down and spray the seat with carb cleaner to remove all of the toothpaste.

4. Inspect your shiny, clean seat. :i_am_so_happy:

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