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New from Calgary

Started by jackrabbitslim, June 02, 2024, 07:45:04 PM

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Hello all, I'm a reformed car guy (drifting) from Calgary. I've got a stable of Yamahas from the 80s and just rescued an '85 FJ1100 from the scrapper.  It's rough, weathered, has been partially disassembled and has a bent fork.  Not quite a basket case but certainly on its way to the loony bin if you know what I mean.  I'm no stranger to bringing home strays, my current RZ350 (fully stock) came to me in boxes. My wife's XS400 Custom was not much better. Anyway, I'm going to find a set of forks, reassemble the valve train and see what I can do with it. I'm in no rush with this, and have no particular affinity to the stock bike. It'll likely end up a rideable custom sport cruiser thing. I'm interested what other guys have done with the fj1100 front suspension.  It really depends on what I find to use though. I've seen some guys talk about FZR, and R6. I get that for the FJ1200 Yamaha got rid of the anti-dive{citation needed?} and changed the wheel size and brakes.  What do you guys think I should search for? :hi:


I have an extra fork tube that I don't need. I'm in Kelowna. I'll be in Cochrane in a couple weeks.

Pat Conlon

Welcome :hi: Compared to cartridge forks, the FJ oem damper rod forks suck. The anti dive is useless.
Get an '89/90 and you have forks without the anti dive that you can mount R-1 monoblock calipers along with .85 kg/mm fork springs, RPM valves and a fork brace.
Get a '91-95 FJ and you can do the same (as above) plus you get a rubber mounted motor

USD fork conversions already come with cartridges and the easiest plug and play  front end swap is from a 1991-94 FZR1000. You Need everything from the FZR, forks, wheel, axle, spacers, fender, top and lower triple clamps.

Cheers.  Pat
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line: