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Starter slow on hot starts.

Started by Ted Schefelbein, May 03, 2024, 09:02:53 PM

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Quote from: fj1289 on May 04, 2024, 12:36:48 PMWell, I was going to recommend you contact Paul Cashio about his "super starter" mod - but, while searching for his website I discovered he passed away in 2021. That sucks

Also - at least you have the option to push start if it comes to that. 

I was thinking of him the other day after looking at his sticker on one of my tool boxes. Paul was a good guy....did some Suzuki starters for me about 15 years ago. They worked great with large displacement high compression engines.

Ted Schefelbein

Well, it showed up a few days ago. Hard to beat NOS and it is the improved four pole starter from the XJR1300.

Solenoid should be here Thursday.

I am an analog man, trapped in a digital parallel reality.

1989 FJ 1200


I was having slow start issues on my 87 too. I had installed an RPM 4 brush starter in 2011. That worked wonders. But over the years of sporadic use since then, the starter began turning over very slow again. I thought the battery was weak, so I replaced that.. Still slow. Assumed corroded terminals, cleaned all that, same issue. Replaced solenoid, helped a little but not much. Finally decided to take the starter apart and clean the commutator, assuming that it was corroded.

Thats when I found this!

A broken wire on the armature.

I made a half ass attempt at repair it using a couple strands of magnet wire. Emphasis on half-ass, so don't laugh. Didnt work.

I didnt try very hard because I saw that I could get a grimy XJR1300 starter for $30 from Germany on ebay

Once the new old starter arrived, I robbed the armature out of it and put it in my nice and clean starter case and ta-da! I have a fast spinning starter again!
Brian Peterson
1987 FJ1200

Ted Schefelbein

I installed a new RPM solenoid, the battery is new, and the four pole starter that was slated for an XJR1300 in Europe was NOS. HOLY COW, WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thanks to the guys who put me on the right track with the four pole starter, and the suggestion of the modification/rebuild of the two pole unit, which, likely won't happen, now.
I can't believe the difference in starting, even when cold, the new starter buzzes that motor over effortlessly.

I am an analog man, trapped in a digital parallel reality.

1989 FJ 1200