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Fuel sending unit

Started by conkeyro, December 18, 2022, 02:12:48 PM

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Got my project FJ1200 running today with new gas and a new filter.  I noticed the fuel gauge wasn't reading anything.   I received a Clymer manual with the bike but it says nothing on this topic.  I have a 900 SECA that had the same issue ( as did lots of 900 SECA's) but was easily remedied by removing and cleaning the wiper and wound resister on the sender.  Pictures on-line of the FJ1200 sender look like a different design.  The part 36Y-85752-00-00 is no longer available.  Any suggestions?

Are there differences between 36Y-85752-00-00 and XXX-02-00 and XXX-03-00?

If I understand the system correctly the low fuel light and the reserve switch will not operate correctly with a non-functional fuel gauge.  Is this correct?

Thanks:  Bob C.
Bob C.
1992 FJ1200  Winter Project
1983 Seca 900
1986 BMW K100
1975 Ducati 860  Original owner.

Pat Conlon

Hey Bob, congrats on getting her running... I looked up your first post and saw that we are talking about a 1992 model.
If I may make a suggestion: Go to your profile and in your signature line put in 1992 FJ1200...that way it will appear automatically and you don't have to remind us...

Now to your excellent questions: I have cleaned the crud and varnish off the float sensor resistor windings and returned it to service. I also know the fluid sensor for the low fuel level light is separate from the float sensor.  I don't know if they are interconnected. I don't know if it's the low fuel sensor or the float sensor that activates the fuel pump interrupt function of the reserve (with the rocker switch reactivating the fuel pump when switched to RES.)

Standby, other folks will chime in....I'll bet a jelly donut that our favorite Norwegian "Old Rider" would know...
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line:

RPM - Robert

Usually the 02, 03, 10, 20 or whatever number in that spot is a superseded number. Sometimes I have seen it as a color variation as well though.

Old Rider

Hi Again Pat and all other fj riders   i have not been able to follow the forum since i have been going thru  hell the last months, but now im back on my wheels again alive and kicking

Konkeyro : About your question concerning the fuelsender unit it is a little long answer so i have posted some picks on how you can check
both the sender unit and the low fuel warning light.If you want to read more in depth about how i fixed the one in my bike you can read these treads.

First tread is about how test and to fix the sender unit cables:

second tread is how to fix the low fuel light not working:

T Legg

Glad to see you back posting. I noticed you hadn't been around since late September .
T Legg

Old Rider

God to hear that Travis  :yes: i have planned to do some   upgrades on my bike or might get another fj that i will do some serius rebuilding on so will probably do some more crazy experiments and testing that i will post  :biggrin: