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Trip to Arizona, October 2022

Started by Firehawk068, December 12, 2022, 12:43:38 PM

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Since it's Winter in the northern climates, and not much riding happening, here's some motorcycle action for your viewing enjoyment.

This trip happened during the middle of October.
Alan H.
Denver, CO
'90 FJ1200

yamaha fj rider

Hello Alan

Another great video. Looks like too much fun.


93 FJ1200
FJ 09
YZ250X I still love 2 strokes
Tenere 700


Thank you so much, Alan. Just what I needed. Sitting in the house middle of the winter. 19°F outside
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Thanks guys.
It was crazy-fun during the trip.
Editing a video out of all the footage is fun, but man it's a lot of work.
Alan H.
Denver, CO
'90 FJ1200


Excellent video Alan, some great scenery and editing to boot. I used to do videos of bike rides I did and know first hand how long it takes to put one together, mine were nowhere near the quality of yours though. :good2:
93 fj1200
79 suzuki gt250x7

Too young to be old but old enough to know better.