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Front tire recommendations with radial rear

Started by XEAGLKPR, July 01, 2022, 11:59:15 PM

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Currently running a newer 150/80 Avon sprint rear radial with an older Avon Azaro 120/80 front radial on my restored FJ-1100. Any recommendations for a bias ply front tire that will work well with the rear Avon radial? I still ride fairly aggressively at times, so grip over mileage preferred. Thanks!


There are very limited tyre options for the 16" front wheel on the FJ11 and early FJ12. What about the Avon RoadRider Mark 2 - it's available in a 120/80x16 size as used on the FJ 1100 front ?

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I have used the roadriders in that size, only complain is poor lifespan, about 2k miles.

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I run bias ply tires on my fj1100's. The pirelli sport demons are my favorite. They are excellent tires for hard cornering wet or dry. They keep riding great all the way down to the threads, which unfortunately is usually about three thousand miles. A sensible person might change them out around 2,700 miles . My 86 fj1200 had an Avon radial in the back and a sport demon on the front when I bought it and it felt pretty good but I have sport demons front and back on it now like my 1100's . The tread lasted longer on the Avon's but. I still prefer the sport demons .
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Thank you for your input!  I've narrowed it down to the Demons or the Metzler Lasertech. Good to hear no weird handling issues with the radial/bias ply mix.  It feels great with the front radial now but wasn't aware they didn't make when I replaced the rear with an Avon radial or I would've just gone back to bias ply front and rear.