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Push starter button and nothing

Started by 86FJhuntinlax, June 20, 2022, 08:05:18 PM

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Hello fellow FJ lovers,
I have a 1986 FJ 1200 that I am having an issue with. I've done a search for help but haven't found an answer that fits my problem.  I took apart the housings for the start button and the horn button to have them powder coated over this past winter. I took detailed pictures of how everything was put together when I took the housings apart. I have put it all back together and now my bike will not start. I turn the key on the engine kill switches on run and push the start button and the only thing that happens is the dash lights dim out along with the headlight, which is to be expected but no clicking of the starter solenoid or movement of the starter motor.
No other dash lights come on when the starter button is pushed. I have checked all my grounds and everything with those look good. I have installed a brand new starter solenoid, and can get it to click without using the starter button. When I attach the starter button, I get nothing. I have been chasing wires and testing connections for a week using the wiring schematic and still have no luck. What am I missing??
The weather in upstate New York has been beautiful and I am  frustrated that I cannot ride.  Any help is much appreciated

Pat Conlon

Are you getting continuity when you push the starter button?
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line: