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pipe in collector box

Started by chiz, February 03, 2022, 11:43:07 AM

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Happy day to all
I just slipped one end of a exhaust pipe into the collector and tightened up the clamp on my bench. Although an original insulator sleeve is in place in the collector the clamping force is not rendering the pipe to a immobile state it can still be moved around a bit would this be of concern to you guys?

Pat Conlon

Understanding that exhaust gas is under pressure and will travel the path of least resistance, therefore you want your connections gas tight. Escaping gas can damage your lower plastic fairing, burn all kinds of things.
I assume you are talking about the connection of the 4 header tubes to the collector box, over time the fiber bushings compress. You can get new bushings from RPM or what I've done successfully is to use a small amount of header cement on these connections. You gotta work fast. Set the collector box first, then put a thin coat of glue on the ID of the bushings, then install the 4 header tubes and tighten them down. Don't move them after the glue sets or you will crack the glue and lose the seal.
The big mufflers have a bronze bushing so that seal should always be fine. It's just the front fiber bushings that get loosey goosey.

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Okk thanks Guys I think I am going to temporally slap on the polished pipes and start assembling the carbs with the bits I got from Randy in the hope of solving the original problem of non working on cyl#1.. I fear the worst but hope for the best. If the pipes leak a bit I guess I will go back and rectify.

great white

In addition to making the seal "gas tight", it also helps to tighten things up so they don't vibrate or resonate. Can manifest itself as a rattle or in the worst case scenario, cracking pipe at the connections. You can do without them, but your bike owning experience will be sooo much better with it put together properly.