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Have you replaced the oil pan or know something abut it?

Started by duanelr, June 16, 2021, 06:54:30 PM

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I'm preparing to replace the oil pan on my '86. My question, is it absolutely necessary to replace the o-rings on the two relief valves? I've purchased all kinds of parts and seals for this job, but this is the one item I do not have and would have to wait a loooooong time to get. I did not see anything available on RPM.
Thank you, guys.

My bike is an '87 FJ1200



Robert, thank you. This is the help I needed.

But I did type in "relief" in the search field. I really did do that.
I think my problem was that I did it under the, "FJ Specific Parts," heading That returned zero hits. Now I know, thanks again.

Since we're here, the manual suggests replacing the "Oil Level Sensor Switch o-ring, also. You don't sell just the o-ring, but if I purchase the oil lever sensor, does it come with the o-ring also? Does this even matter?

Geez, thanks for the help.
My bike is an '87 FJ1200


My bike is an '87 FJ1200

RPM - Robert

Yea, I don't think I have it tagged under specific to FJ. If you search on the home page it works better. Oil level o-rings are the same, probably.

O-rings on the way.