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FJ1100 Ignition Barrel confusion

Started by mr blackstock, November 07, 2020, 08:21:03 PM

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mr blackstock

Hello all,

Recently my bike lost indicators and dash light.  When I got her home I started going around the bike looking for anything obvious.... the ignition barrel was a bit sticky so I put some WD40 in there... kept looking for earths or disconnected joins... fuses were fine.. I considered the fuse box was rusty and needed replacement so I bought an nice one, installed it, and after that the bike was electrically dead. 

I spent some more time on it with no change.  I was running out of time and did not have my multi meter with me so I decided to purchase another ignition block.  The one in there was bought three years ago and was a new one, but cheap and an urgent replacement.

I researched parts shark and confirmed the FJ ignition is the same from 85 all the way up 92, same part number.  I hoped on the phone and bought a set, seat lock, fuel cap and ignition from a local wrecker.

A few days later it arrived.... the electrical connecter was a 2 pin... my one ignition barrel was a 4 pin connector!  So I searched again on part shark and confirmed that I had not stuffed up.

Does anyone know if an FJ ever had a two pin ignition barrel connecter? Have I missed something that everyone else knows?

All I can guess is that the ignition barrel is off a different bike, but the physical shape is identical.

Cheers, Gareth
Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985

mr blackstock

And I just checked some FJ1200 wiring diagrams I uploaded here a few years back and they are all four wires, then I checked ebay and other sites listing FJ1200 ignition barrels and they have three wire connectors....

So... I guess I have to assume the wrecker sent me an ignition from another bike model like FZ that only has two wires...

Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985

T Legg

Both of my 84's have three wire connectors.when the key is on the twelve volts from the red wire is connected to both the brown and the blue wire. The blue wire powers up the tail lights. When the key is in the park position only the blue wire to the tailights is energized. If you connect the brown and blue wire together to one side of the two wire switch and the red to the other side it will work. Of course the connectors would have to be changed and you won't have the parking light position any more. My FJ's are U S models there could be something different on an Australian model.
T Legg

mr blackstock


Thanks for the tip on bridging the wires, I will experiment without cutting wires... just in case I need to sell the set to another person if the wreckers refuse to refund.  I found another 4 pin ignition barrel in Germany for sale...

You are right about the wiring being different around the globe, I did not think to ask the wrecker if the ignition they had was for AU models only.  Once bitten...

Thanks for your help,

Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985


Your not alone Gareth, the ignition switch on my 93 only has two wires, a brown and red. I recently had to pull the switch apart and replace a broken wire.
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I was in a similar situation with a u/s ignition switch. This was about 2 years ago and my memory is a little dim but I found there was a difference in the one I ordered in to the OEM unit. I ended up dismantling the two ignitions and swapping parts and ended up with a working unit and no wire cutting, all plug and play. I can't recall the finer detail of the operation. Sorry.
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mr blackstock

Thanks for the tips, the wrecker is happy to take the ignition apart and install a three wire cable, maybe in the morning I will see if I can use the two wire, I just assumed that they'd sent me an ignition from an FZ or similar.

Thanks guys
Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985


Gareth Blackstock is the name of one of my all time favourite comedy show characters - the lead in the TV series "Chef", played by Lenny Henry. If you haven't seen it, look it up and try a few episodes - it's old, but still awesome. :good2:

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mr blackstock


Millietant, you are right about Chef! When I worked as a cook for a few years the owner took to calling me Blackstock, I had no idea at the time, i used to get called lots of things.... years later I watched Chef! and realised I must have been a right bugger in the kitchen.... great show... and I don't think I have mellowed much over the years....

it might explain why my career transition from kitchen to prison was so smooth and well fitting...

Squeaky wheels always get the grease...

Yamaha FJ1100 1985