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Cylinder head bolt replacemant

Started by nathan64, June 21, 2020, 05:50:00 AM

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I'm making a cylinder rebuild of my FJ1200 3CW 1990 because it consumed a lot of oil.
Wheel dissembling I have seen that all the #7 cylinder head bolts are badly corroded. (Part number 3CV1136300)
Sadly they seem to be sold out everywhere. Now I'm thinking of ether using threaded rods or
cutting down #4 (9011610516) rods.

Any better suggestions?


Wire wheel.  High temp paint.  Readdress in another 30 years.....

RPM - Robert

Click the banner above.... the 3CV part number has not been used in a long long time and I'm not at the shop with the correct number. It was superseded to a new number. We have them in stock. Search "crankcase stud" in our search field and they will pop up. Keep in mind there are 3 different sizes for the 12 studs.