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Valve hanging open UPDATE

Started by chiz, June 06, 2020, 12:37:33 PM

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Back again
  Several months ago I started a discussion about being puzzled why, after doing a shim job that one intake valve farthest left was hanging open a bit. Discovered after starting motor and letting it sit for a day and then re- measuring clearances. This set of intake shims were the only shims not changed out but alas it took about 60 thou of feeler gauge's to fill the gap on that far left intake the associated bucket was not coming up as far as the bucket next to it.
  In my humble estimation there was no need to do a compression check I kind of knew what the result of that test would reveal anyway... Sooo I sat on this for a few months and considered the fact that the bike had sat for nearly a year prior to checking clearances also happened to mention my predicament to a 1200 owner he kind of said "I don't think you have a bent valve but a sticky one" so I tried to get some lubricant to that valve. My last attempt at this was to spray lubricant down the intakes while hitting the start button.
   She sat for several more weeks I looked at here but never touched it... Recently I decided to check every thing over, brought that cyl on compression stroke and lined up the lobes with gasket surface lo and behold the bloody valve seemed to be back home shim clearance back to 006 WTF rite, really come on.
   OK so now I checked compression on all four all OK ... really come on. I didn't pull cams head nothing because honestly I wouldn't know WTF I was doing anyway and besides I didn't need another headache as I have enough of one from this 50 year old British triple that has way to many bits in the engine and they weigh way too much in general.

   Anyway it appears that my issue sort of sorted itself out I will reassemble and ride it and see if she behaves herself. On the other hand I'm sure it could benefit from a teardown  to sort out the second gear, starter clutch etc etc Honestly , for now at least I don't have the heart for an extra project on my plate.

Regards Lez

Ted Schefelbein

Good luck. In my forty year career as an amateur motorcycle, car, truck, machine tool, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, bindery equipment, etc, etc, etc, mechanic, I have fixed many things, by accident.

Patience is your friend, always. Beware of gumption traps.

I am an analog man, trapped in a digital parallel reality.

1989 FJ 1200


I call this "Fixed it by fiddling with it".  Kind of like, it is better to be lucky than good....
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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Thanks..  I have started her a few times after all the scrum I sprayed in there burnt of seems to be fine checked compression again all OK , going to get it out on the road soon and really give her..... Ted I have a front load LG washer that's giving me gerka keeps throwing LE code changed rotor position sensor which worked for a while but now back to same thing any ideas?

Ted Schefelbein

Yea, but, you won't like it. Find an old Maytag Neptune washing machine on Craig's list.

No electronics. Ugly, functional. Mine is a 1964, it just got the every 30 years shot of oil on the brake. I have never bought a part for it.

If you got away with switching the rotor sensor, I would have thought you had board issues. If you are at the point where you have board issues you are at the point of a new machine.

The Speed Queens are about the best. There was a two year period (2017-2019, I think, but, the internet is your friend on that research) that had a bad redesign, but, they returned to the original configuration.

All of this is my opinion only, but, I earned it, grudgingly.

Good luck.

I am an analog man, trapped in a digital parallel reality.

1989 FJ 1200


point taken don't throw out my 34 year old furnace and get a new POS.