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Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Started by 1fasteffjay, January 23, 2017, 07:16:29 PM

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So tell me, are these trails just as epic as they sound? My dad and I are planning a trip to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails located in West Virginia six weeks from now. What loops do we head to first? I am an intermidiate rider on a 2002 Yamaha YZ125. My dad is a veteran dirt bike rider who operates a 1981 (1982?)Yamaha IT250. We do lots of trail riding in our state of Minnesota and decided it was time to venture out a bit. We will be riding for three days and leaving two days to travel there and back. Travel rig is a 2003 F-350 with a slide-on camper so we would like to know of the best camping spots (we can get to places where most RV'ers cannot). If anybody has any experience with the Hatfield-McCoy Trails it would be awesome if you responded to this post.

cheers!!!!!    :good:


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I've ridden the Hatfield- McCoy trails twice. Both times were shortly after they opened. So I won't be a good reference for how they are now. They were definitely worth the trip from Wisconsin. Should be even better by now. Probably tamed down alot too. Most trail systems get tamed down over the years. Especially since the side by sides came out. Cut alot wider path through the woods. Go have a great ride. And report back. I will make it back there again.
By the way being a McCoy myself. ( I grew up hearing about the feud and how it started with a Hatfield stealing a McCoy pig) Was always on guard. Crap load of Hatfield's still there.
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I've ridden there several times and the trails were great.  I liked Bearwallow the best, but some of the other trail heads have better views.  How many days are you going?  We would ride 4-5 days and ride a different trail every day.  We stayed in Man, WV and could ride to the Rockhouse trailhead, Bearwallow was a short trailer, and some of the other trailheads were a haul.

The last time we were there, several of our favorite eating spots had closed.  You might have better luck if you stay in Logan.

Here's a link that will help;

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 Definitely worth the trip. We rode approximately 300 k in 4 days. ( one was raining all day )Oct26- 30. I ride a WR 250f and was with a bunch of guys on ATV's. The ATV trails are not rutted at all as it is very hard packed, rocky trails. There are some low areas with muddy ruts but are easy to go around as the trails are wide. Because it is so mountainous , it dries quickly as well. The food there is not great. There is a lot of poverty, so accommodations are cheap. Matewan is a nice little town with some single track riding available. There are 600 miles of trails to ride . The trail pass is $50 so worth every penny. I can say that it was absolutely a blast to ride there and am planning on going back. Incidentally , the roads are amazing for sport / sport touring riding as well. We will be doing a ride there this June on the FJ's.


I've been there a half dozen times since about 2005.  It's been a few years now since last trip.  Bearwallow and Rockhouse are my favorites.. I've been to one other and can't think of the name, but my group all agreed it was in third place.  Of the first two I've had the most fun at Rockhouse.  Stay in Gilbert and Ride to Mann for lunch and back, it's a great day.  Can be as challenging as you want.  you can easily spend 3 days at rockhouse and not get bored.

On weekends the fast wide green trails can get a little hairy with quads hauling ass 3 wide around blind turns.  that's my biggest complaint agains HM.  Watch out for them and stay up in the hills on the blue black trails and it's all good.

fj johnnie

 We stayed in Gilbert as well. They have a grocery store. Most small towns have no place to buy food. Unless you count gas station hot dogs as food.