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Help not starting after fast carbclean and inntakerubber replacement.

Started by Old Rider, September 12, 2016, 10:03:42 AM

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Old Rider

I have a 86 fj1200 1tx .
Bike did run before i started working on it ,but it did misfire a little and did get hot.I hawe replaced carbinntake rubbermanifoils who was cracked.
I have adjusted the valves. The carbs i did not have tipe to do a totalrebuild  and cleaning (because i want to ride the bike before winter) so i just sprayed carbleaner everywhere i could also into drainscrewsholes.
Now it dosent start :dash2:  It cranks over fast and god it has spark on plugs and there is fuel in bowels.I did get it to run some seconds when i sprayed carbcleaner into airbox.I dont think fuelline is squized tryed several times.
So what do i do now ??


Stop what you are doing. Pull the carbs off and A) Rebuild them properly or B) Send them to someone who can rebuild them properly. Or you literally will be  :dash2: until you do. If there was any crap in the bottom of the bowls and you sprayed carb cleaner into the bottom and dislodge it all, now all that crap is probably in your pilot circuit.

Old Rider

I got it running now but its very unstable runs on 2 cylinders runs on 1 cyliner runs on 3 cylinder makes all kind of scary noises .Also seems the choke not working.
The reason i did not rebuild the carbs now is im planning to do that in winter.Does this have anything with the valves?? i checked them carfully an the clearenses was god.I also got this strange hoses running from the drainscrews mayby they are in wrong position.

Pat Conlon

You keep asking for advice, yet you don't seem to want to listen....Clean your carbs.

Throw the Dial-a-Jet stuff away.
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line:

Old Rider

Well i not had the bike for long and wanted to do some riding before the snow falls .I am planning to do a total carb rebuild but if i order rebuildkit now it will be to late to do some riding this season.i dint know that just take the carbs out to replase the rubberinntakes would fuck up my bike


Unless you're absolutely certain that you did the valves correctly, you may want to verify their clearances again, just to play it safe.

I may have missed an earlier post of yours, but when you replaced the intake rubbers, did you put new o-rings on them too? The old ones need to be tossed, and new o-rings installed.

I don't know anything about your Dial-a-Jet setup, but if the bike was running marginally before, the setup, shouldn't keep it from running at all now.

If you are unsure of fuel line pinching, just get a longer piece of fuel line and set the fuel tank off to the side and run the long fuel line over to the carbs for now. If it was a fuel line pinch problem before, the longer line setup will let you isolate the problem for now. Place a running box fan (on high speed) in front of the engine, if the bike will be running in-place for any length of time, so the engine will not overheat and get damaged.

Did you connect the spark plug wires onto their respective spark plugs for each cylinder?

If you are having problems with clogged or restricted jets, orifices, and passageways in your carbs, you'll only be chasing your tail on your carbs unless they are disassembled and cleaned out properly, and rebuilt with the correct, quality components, including new o-rings. Maybe float needles and their seats too.
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Old Rider

Today i got her started and she runs very smoth and she is goes as a rocket now :yahoo:
Here is what i did: First i sprayed some carbcleaner into airbox and she was starting on that but not going on fuel.I kept runninge her on carbcleaner for a while.I then drained the bowls then sprayed carbcleaner into them thru the hoses i got mounted on the drainscrews and drained again.Then some more carbcleaner into venthoses and overrunhoses and vacumhoses.Then some pressurized air into the hoses.Then i run her on a mix of carbcleaner and fuel .After that she started very easy on fuel only and runs very nice.Also the bacfiring is gone.Didnt even have to adjust idle speed!!. i couldent be happier. :good2:
About the inntake rubbers i also replaced the o rings as they where in the kit i bought.The rubberkit i bought from vemoto in uk but the package was lost in shipping so i then order a kit from RPM because i wanted to fix her fast.Suddenly the kit from wemoto got here so i used that the kit from RPM is right around the corner so now i got one in reserve  :good: