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Valves then carbs not the other way....

Started by Mr. Grumpy, June 12, 2016, 08:17:51 AM

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Mr. Grumpy

So here is the story in a nutshell.
Nimbus helped me purchase a 91 FJ1200(Beautiful shape)
60,000 km on the odometer and engine looks new.
Nimbus cleaned the carbs with me and was surprised at the beautiful shape of the jets etc.
We start it up and it runs great as long as you want to speed down the street.
Starts to hang at 2500 then as it is run more it starts hanging up to 4K.
No enginebraking at all.
Decide to check timing and it is dead on the marks.
Frustration setting in we decide to check valve clearance.
Lo and behold intake is spot on but exhaust is too tight.
Changed the shims and back to specs.
I start it up and it pops and bangs and revs up to 4K right away.
Now we had balanced the carbs at the  start so I put the air mix screws back to 2 turns out.
Still hanging at 4K.
3 complete turns on the idle screw brings it down and the air mix seems to be magic at 3.25 turns out.
$1600 bike is now running like a dream.
Step one valve clearance then carbs.
Thank god for patience!
Mr. Grumpy is back to all smiles again!!


nice bike, i'm new to my fj1200 i bought about 4 weeks ago. working out the bugs in it.


Great bike & excellent forum. No regrets that I bought 26 years old bike. This community never let you down :good2: