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I'm Bloody famous.

Started by roverfj1200, February 13, 2016, 09:30:00 PM

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It was sometime a go but a few KLR rides from a few states went for a ride. I had not had my KLR long when this happened but managed to tag along. This story in Adventure rider mag is what happened....and look theres me......

1988 FJ1200
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I had my picture in a national magazine years ago. It was in OZBIKE, and they were doing a story about the Purga Creek 86 Rally (Rock Concert) when it was still at Purga, that the Rebels MC used to hold. Flicking through the pages looking at the pics when I came across one of me standing there, absolutely pissed out of my mind with an unlit fag in my mouth obviously trying to stay upright.

It was a fantastic weekend and I've always kept a lookout for an old issue of that mag, Still remember the cover after 30yrs, a tattooed back of a person, a woman I think.
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