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ignition unit inputs

Started by skiierfj1100, August 28, 2014, 08:10:22 PM

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Hey everyone this my first pis st so pls bear with me.
I have an 84 fj1100l with a Hitachi TID14-30 ignitor unit.
I bought the bike with no sidestand switch.
The bike however runs fine and it would appear that the original sidestand switch may have interfered
with the installation of aftermarket roll bars so I think whomever installed the roll bars removed said sidestand switch.
This was my assumption and I also assumed that whomevr removed the switch also installed a permanent jumper
somewhere to ground so the ignitor safetys ( ie the sidestand switch) would still enable the ignitor.
Wrong assumptions.
I found a sidestand switch that fit at a wrecker. The switch came off another yamaha but I dont what bike it was.
The contacts worked fine and the contact operation was what I needed.
I look at the schematic for my bike and try to locate the sidestand switch connector somewhere on the bike.
No luck locating connector. I then find the sidestand relay and try to work my way thru the cable harnesses back from the
relay to find a connection point for the sidestand switch but still no luck.
Ok to make along story short I unplugg the sidestand  relay and my bike still starts and runs fine. The clutch switch and nuetral switches
work fine. I can start in nuetral or by pulling the clutch in if it is gear.
I then look at the schematic again for the ignition unit and see that the blk/WHT wire on the ignition unit is the input safety
or sidestand switch and realize it must be grounded somewhere for my bike to run. I then remove the blk/wht from the ignition
unit and my bike still starts and runs fine. I removed the wire AT the ignition unit and no where else.

So it seems my ignition unit works with an open safety. The blk/wht on my ignition does not need to be grounded
to make my ignition work.
Pls dont tell me about all switches and safeties that need to be made for ignition to work.
I know about them. I have been troubleshooting electrical controls for 30 yrs.

What I want to know is this a common problem with this particular ignition unit?
Does anyone else have this problem?
I want my sidestand safety to work properly.

Did the 1984 fj come with a sidestand switch?
The bike has mount holes for it and the wiring schematic shows it.

I opened the ignition to see if it had been modified but there appears to be no mods to the cct board.
Do I have to replace the ignition?
I want to use the original design circuitry.
Any fix for this or is my ignition pooched?



My idiot logic was backwards.
A gnded input kills the ignition unit.
An open input allows the ignition to operate.
Hence the NC contact on the sidestand relay.
Connected one lead of sidestand swiech to gnd and the other to blu/yel wire at sidestand relay


Quote from: skiierfj1100 on August 28, 2014, 10:18:12 PMResolved.
Happy to help.    :biggrin:    Welcome to our madhouse.     :hi:   


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Yup, sometimes the problem just has to removed from the brain and put in words. A few minutes later the "AHAA!!"
moment strikes...
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