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Cam tensioner problems

Started by davey1, July 03, 2013, 03:45:48 PM

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Hope someone can help.Just put the head back on my sons FJ1200 after renewing rubber seals between head and barrel.All gone back ok cams are timed up ok but having a problem with tensioner assemblyWhen i put the tensioner body into the head it seens to make contact with the rear cam chain guide,is that correct?Hence when i put tensioner rod assembly in its impossible to screw the cap bolt on due to needing so much pressure to compress the spring assembly.Am i setting the tensioner rod incorrect as it seems to have to be in its shortest position[ prior to assembly]to be the the correct spec length.Hope this makes sense!

Pat Conlon

Check down in the General Maintenance Files for a post entitled
Cam Chain Tensioner Installation 101.

See if that helps.  Pat
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