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What happens when you run out of helicoil time?

Started by FJTillDeath, May 14, 2012, 01:58:45 AM

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So I took a closer inspection of the bike over the weekend

I saw the brake caliper was leaking from the bleed nipple. So I tightened it. I also saw that my right fork is leaking underneath. I knew I has forgotten to put a copper wash in :dash2: Thats easy to rectify, just gotta get the time to take the fork off again.

Anyway. I looked at the exhuast manifold. And it seems the stud did not break off inside. Instead, it stripped out a helicoil that was inside. I asked a friend if I could retap and use a slightly bigger helicoil he said to rather not do that. Instead he said I should find an engineering place that does welding. They should weld up the head, retap and rebore and then it would be like the original. I presume it would be aluminium welding?

Second thoughts on the matter? Alternatives? what choices do I have. I will provide a picture when I can to show the extent of the damage.
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Hi Jessie.

There are many ways to skin a cat.This may be one solution.

I believe the the thread is M8 *1.25.I have not tried them but looks like they would work.I have never had a helicoil fail.Was it overtightened or poorly installed?.Have a look in the contacts/distributors tab on the above link.There are some listed in your part of the world.

Hope this helps.

Cheers :drinks:

Jeff P
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