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fiberglass or glassfiber.

Started by xt550, July 31, 2009, 05:44:10 PM

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I have a fairing that's like glass,  and was thinking of redoing it in glasfiber and polyester.
The first item ill do will be the the left and right part of the fairing thats close to the tank (the choke knob) .
I nead a photos of the right side of the fairing, please mail me some photos of that part to "nick at hotmail"...
Has anyone done the hole fairing in fiberglas/glasfiber??

Im from Sweden and dont know if fiberglas or glasfiber is right but as a bonus i teach you some Swedish....
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in Englingsh smell.
So in in SwEnglinsh it's " not the fart that kill's it's the smell"

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