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Lets try this again

Started by irishluck, September 06, 2011, 08:10:34 PM

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Quote from: racerman_27410 on September 11, 2011, 04:29:29 PM
i hope he watches this entire video..... he may actually be able to fix his wiring if he does.

you only need two things for the lights to work..... 12 volt power from the positive terminal on the battery and a good ground which eventually leads back to the negative terminal on the battery via the motorcycle chassis.

find out why you dont have one or the other and you will find your problem.

a multi meter and knowing how to use it is essential to this process

i promise this is the absolute LAST response Mr Luck will get from me on this subject.

I quit a few days ago......
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so im parting out my bike, tore top end off engine, camshafts are trashed, going to have to cut my loses here.

Let me know if anyone needs any parts. Thread in parts for sale category

Prices are neg.


I dont actually get what this thread or the original one was for. You had a working system so you said. Then you put a new one on and it failed to work?

Why dont you just use the original OEM setup and NOT LED lights? it would have saved you a hell of a lot of trouble.

If I am understanding everything it would have been a good idea in the start to ditch the LEDs, use original turn signals and a normal relay for at most 20$. Really simple that I even understand. Now I see why everyone was so frustrated.

Sorry to hear about failing on the repair, would be nice to by parts off your bike though, unfortunately location aint so good.

Just a 2cents in finalising things. My bike was knocked over a month ago - pissed me off as it broke my indicators. All i did was cut the indicators off my 125 suzuki and put them on and they worked fine. Point is you can use any run of the mill indicator bulbs, just dont use LEDS, even if they were working before. They arent now
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system worked but the rear signals stems were broke, and front signals are embedded into the fairing, i wasn't planning on putting the fairing back on so that's why I needed new signals

everyone kept yelling at me to do it and so I did try that already. i did put the oem ones back on, never did switch the flashers, it had the stock one the whole time.

Still didn't work but it don't matter now, bikes being parted out,     everything is there and im sure ill have these parts for awhile, PM me your address cause i might be able to get a decent shipping price to you since ill be shipping from where i work and we ship international all the time


I dont think any of the parts off your machine would match mine 100% although air scoops would be nice, I hadnt realise you didnt have the fairing. As the owner of the 1100 the signals are all on stems. Pics help :biggrin:

If you can tell me the total price including shipping to east london SA let me know even if its just a rough price
Life behind bars - is actually quite thrilling