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Fj Carb Sync Question.

Started by Lloyd Van Duzen, July 21, 2024, 03:52:11 PM

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Lloyd Van Duzen

Ok, so at some point down the road I plan on doing a carb sync on one of my 84 Fj 1100's. My question is can you, or is it a viable alternative to use the "pop sickle stick" method of syncing the four carbs on these bikes?  I have had success with this on 2 cycle, twin engine sled's. I'm wondering what other owners think.  I do have a manual describing the procedure to use ultimately. Thanks for any input.
1984 Fj 1100


I'll probably regret this - but I'll bite: what is the popsicle stick method?

I have a feeling it is similar to how an old manual I had for a Honda twin said to feel the pulses from each muffler and adjust to make them even 

Lloyd Van Duzen

Ok here is how it works.... Some should know this I think.

In the intake side of each carb, without the engine running and with the breather box removed, you place a pop sickle stick so it is balanced with one end held under each carb barrel, heavy end of each stick hanging free.  As you turn the throttle you will see each stick move (drop) as the barrel rises and visually you will see the sticks either move in unison if in sync and if out of sync the sticks will move at different times or delayed to the rest. Hopefully you can see how it works.  I think any carbs with the barrels, this method should get you close to sync by means of adjustment and repeating until all four in a row drop at the same time.  Maybe I should have explained in depth, I thought people would know about this procedure.  I have used this with my sleds and twin tuned carbs (mikuni) and in synced time seem to work pretty well and perform as designed.

1984 Fj 1100


Nice!  I like that idea!

But ...  I'm thinking this procedure probably doesn't work as well with CV carbs?  Since it is the butterfly valves (and the vacuum they cause) you are trying to sync. 

There are some DIY carb sync setups online if you want to keep it completely DIY.  Also common tools available for a reasonable price - especially if you compare it to how much you will have to pay a shop these days to do it!

Pat Conlon

Ok for carbs with cable raised flat slide or round slides,  don't see it working with FJ's vacuum operated slides.

Besides....the thought of having to remove the oem air box just to sync the carbs gives me heartburn, although it's  a great character building experience.
It will make investing in a carb sync tool seem like a wonderful idea.

Speaking of carb sync tools,  I have tried out my new a 4 channel DigiSync, and I love it!

My trusty Morgan Carb Tune will soon be up for sale

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