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Started by Marsh White, February 08, 2009, 06:59:33 PM

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Marsh White

RPM - Raduechel Performance Motorsports - Yamaha Group Supplier of Parts & Services:

The Yahoo FJ Forum & Netpath FJ list searchable archives can be found here (many, many thanks to Greg March for this service):

FJ Specs (again, courtesy of Greg March):

FJ Modifications Site:

UK FJ / FJR Owners Club:

Yamaha Parts Fiche:

Clutch Slave Rebuild Instructions

Alf's great "Fast Jota" website

This is a work in progress and I'll be adding more relevant links soon.


Marsh, feel free to delete this & edit your post, or leave it as an addon, either way.

Note:  I'm not plugging any of these vendors (well, some of them are decidedly better than their competition...)  Some of these places make parts that are resold by others (for example, many APE parts can be purchased at other places).

APE - One of the places with a reasonably good selection of aftermarket go-fast toys for the FJ, including billet clutch baskets, heavy duty studs, and heavy duty head nuts.  They'll also do machine work for things like big-bore kits.
Bellflower Motorsports - A dealer's site that has a parts fiche so you can figure out part numbers and names of things that you broke.
Marauder Group - Cruiser website, with an excellent guide to telling the difference between lean and rich at idle.
Factory Pro - Direct link to their section on tuning carbs in an engine, a good starting point.
Factory Pro - Selection of jet kits and various carb parts including emulsion tubes, specific to the FJ.  Considered by many to be superior to Dynojet recalibration kits.
Beasley Composites - Dragbike bodywork, difficult to find for the FJ.
Rev's Performance - One of a few vendors that carry engine bars (Renntec) for the FJ.
Motorcycle Specifications - A good resource for comparing models and specs on a wide variety of two wheeled machines.
MPS - Vendor with limited FJ support, but parts such as clutch controllers and airshifters that will work for dragracing an FJ.
Cometic - Gasket supplier that can make custom thickness head/base gaskets, as well as replacement gaskets in FJ's.
MR Cycles - Another dealer page with a parts fiche.
Schnitz Racing - May be outdated; Schnitz used to make single stage lockup clutches for the FJ, but it's not listed online anymore.  A must for the extremely high power guys (turbos, etc).
Dan's M/C - A quick guide to reading sparkplugs, various links to some good advice on how to work on motorcycles.
Zanotti's - A dealer with often discounted parts, better prices occasionally available elsewhere.

Marsh White

Quote from: the fan on January 05, 2010, 10:36:47 AM

For suspension work consider Reuben at 35 motorsports.

He does great work at a reasonable price. I have known him for a few years and highly recommend his work, in fact I just sent a few shocks his way from my bike (fox) and a project Jon and I are working on (heavily modified OEM YZF600 shock).


Super Starters

Found a guy in Louisianna that has been rebuilding and modifying Suzuki starters since 1978.  Paul Cashio (and his super starters) have a fantastic reputation in Suzuki and drag racing circles - starting large (1400+ cc) high compression (13:1 +) engines that otherwise require a separate start cart.   

I sent Paul an FJ starter and he was able to do the same modifications to it.  He rebuilds the internals for more cranking power (pretty sure he is rewinding the electromagnets in the stator to make them stronger).  Two limitations with the modified starter - don't use a weak battery (low on charge) -- it'll overheat the starter; and don't use it for doing compression tests -- it'll overheat it too.  Paul told me on the phone you generally just "stab" the starter button - no need to hold it in, and you'll hear the engine SLOW DOWN to idle speed when it starts!  As long as the starters aren't abused, they will last.  He has one that has been in regular use since 1985 - has only had to replace the brushes.  These are the ticket fro starting higher compression big bore streetbikes too.

He charges $100 for the modification and $25 for shipping.  If he needs to replace the brushes that is additional (but I don't know how much - just the cost of the brushes). 

You can contact Paul at Cashio Cycles   1-504-393-2260  cell number  1-504-458-5237,  Cashio Cycles  8391 Hwy 23     Belle Chasse, LA 70037       

andyb is a good source for information on some things, particularly a walkthrough on second gear replacement, and a clutch slave rebuild.



Hi Marsh.

Please note that the Barry Edwards FJ Mods site has changed address and is now and it is currently in the process of being updated and having new stuff added.

Also, the UK FJ Owners forum site is  This is s seperate entity to the UK FJ Owners Club ( ), closely associated with it , but not part of it and not financed by it.
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