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Luggage rack for 1992 FJ

Started by Rad, July 04, 2024, 12:35:05 PM

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Good Morning,
I see that finding a rack for backs for my 1992 FJ is a little hard to find or very expensive.
I was wondering if anyone has a spec sheet or has anyone made one. I have at my convenience a few good welders and thought maybe it would be easy to make one if I had some
Another issue, I seen a while back that someone replaced their mirrors with longer ones from another bike, I can't remember the bike they used for the replacement mirrors.
Anyways just trying to find a less expensive way to make some racks and replace my mirrors.
Thanks for your time.
Rad(AKA) Ray

Ted Schefelbein

I used a generic set of CBR600 mirrors on my FJ. They were cheap, Chinese replacements for the Honda version, bolted right on, and allowed me to see beyond my elbows when riding the bike. Cost was $23.

Good mirrors, or, crummy mirrors that allow you to see more of what is going on behind you, are a good start.

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