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Possible 2nd Gear Fix

Started by Meltdown480, June 29, 2024, 12:25:43 AM

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Would anyone know if this method for pulling the transmission while the engine is still on the bike is doable on the fj also. Also if it is, would it be worth the struggle.

Pat Conlon

Normally, You have to remove the engine to turn the FJ engine upside down and split the case to get to the transmission gears.....but...looking at the parts microfiche I see the engine mounts are on upper half of the engine could the lower half of the engine case be removed with the engine still in the frame?

Work with a mirror like the video...or...get a ceiling hoist, remove the battery and turn the whole FJ upside down.....Both sounds crazy to me....

Removing the FJ engine is no big deal....I used to think it was a two man job wrestling that big lump of an engine, but years ago David Raforth mentioned an easier way
Strap the FJ frame to a ceiling hoist (also prevents the bike from tipping over) support and slightly lift the FJ engine (take the load off the mounts) remove the engine mounts, then, via frame straps and a ceiling hoist, lift the whole bike up off the engine.
 Clever guy that Raforth bloke....
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