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Rebuld begins

Started by joebloggs, April 01, 2024, 02:29:45 PM

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Well, was finally blessed with a dry day, well almost, time to get the motor back in and fit a few bits and pieces to check for clearance and or fit.

The engine when in far quicker than I expected, I left the swingarm and fairing subframe on which turned out to be a great help.

I dropped the frame over the engine, slid the top rear bolt in place. Then with the added leverage given by the arm, I just pushed down the rear until the lower rear mount was in place, and that was about it, fitted the engine lower cradle loosely and slid the remaining bolts in place. Took longer to get my tools etc out than it did to bolt it in.

Fitted the oil filter adapter, Coerse sprocket guard and XJR alternator, really only needed to fit the sprocket cover so I can measure the difference in depth between it and the stock FJ guard.

Had a bit of luck when I looked as the previous owner had fitted an offset sprocket at some point so it could come in helpful when aligning the sprockets later on.

I was a little concerned about the fitting of the 3CV igniter, more to point whether it would fit under the fairing, no need to worry, could get half a dozen under there but with never having seen a 1TX fairing fitted I wasn't sure.

As to finding gauge surrounds that aren't cracked and or covered in scratches, I think I'm going to go with a small GPS speedo (hidden) and a Scitsiu race tachograph mounted centre of the cockpit.

I know it's no racer, but hardly a tourer either

1989 3CV


Tach mounted, this was my MK2 mount, still not happy with it, have 600mm of 25 x 12.5mm aluminium angle on its way which when powder coated will be a little neater.

Front forks have been rebuilt and collecting them tomorrow, so can start sorting centring the rear wheel and measure up for spacers and know how much needs milling off the brake caliper hanger.
1989 3CV


1989 3CV