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Started by Edouard, March 29, 2024, 01:43:22 PM

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Hi! I, like others, had problems installing the air box. I want to plug the hole in the air box and get the crankcase gases out. Install a zero resistance filter. Who has done this before? Carburettors and exhaust are standard


Most people I talk the small air filter on the fitting in the case when they swap to pod style air filters on the carbs. 

Sealing the bottom of the air box could be as simple as a cork or stopper in the right size.  Maybe a rubber or vinyl cap?  Or maybe glue a plate over is from the inside?   I've never seen an FJ airbox so I don't know a simple way to seal it for sure!


Yes, I want to install a filter on the breather, but completely block access to the standard filter box


Randy - RPM