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Model Specs

Started by Zaro77, March 22, 2024, 03:55:38 PM

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Hi. I own a 86 fj1200 and I am new in the forum. Tried to find in the net the difference in the 86 models, but not success. I am sure it is discussed somewhere here in the forum. So, my question is about the difference in the models 1TX, 1XJ and 1YK, produced in 1986. Could you give me, please, some info? Thank you in advance.


Zaro, after 86 they only got worse. The fairings got bigger, ABS brakes, and the real kicker is rubber mounting on the engine to smooth out the bad vibes.  :bomb:

Just kidding...

Are you looking for some specific info? Some parts are the same and fit on all years. 
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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:) Thank you for your answer.
Yes, is here any difference in the horse powers between those models? They are all produced in 1986. I am asking, because when looking for spare parts, may be I have to buy for the exact model, especially the engine and electrical parts.


OK. I found some info in You can see in the attached picture the difference in the max power for the Europe models. Does anyone know which model is 96 hp and which one - 130 hp? And where is the difference between the models to obtain this power reduction? Thanks.

T Legg

The biggest difference in horse power is caused by restricted carburetor intake boots. They can be replaced with unrestricted intakes but the carbs also have differences in jetting and must be set up for the larger intakes.
T Legg


Thank you, T Legg. May be it's the easiest way to reduce power. Several years ago I saw reduced power R6 by the same manner.