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Noob from SF Bay Area

Started by FKFW, January 20, 2024, 01:38:22 PM

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Thanks for having me. I'm on the hunt for a 1200 - preferably on the West Coast. Looking forward to riding it here in Northern California...


Robert and I have been talking about thinning the FJ heard. I mean do I really need 7-10+ of them?

We'll have a look next week in the storage shop and see if we can agree on offer a few of them up for sale.

Randy - RPM
Randy - RPM


7 to 10? If you're not sure how many you have it might be time to let a few go, LOL. Let me know - thanks.

RPM - Robert

We are in Oakdale. An hour and a half east of SF you can come take a look.


Can you give me a list of what you have? Thanks.

RPM - Robert

Dad will have to go through and see what he is willing to part with but we have 1100s, 1200s, parts bikes, complete runners, USD fork converted bikes.


Goodness, I'll bet getting an RPM FJ would be the value deal of a lifetime.
Brian Peterson
1987 FJ1200