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Reviving my FJ 1200 passion.

Started by pjm-creative, October 29, 2023, 06:09:30 PM

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Hi everybody. I roadraced motorcycles (mostly Suzuki GSXR's) all during the 90s, but my street bike had always been an 86 Yamaha FJ 1200. Unfortunately the bike got disassembled in an attempt to rebuild it and it has been sitting for probably 15 years. Well I'm finally going to try and rebuild it, and get it back up and running. Always love the bike, always had a passion for the 86 in particular. Just thought it was the best looking. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need a lot of improvement particularly wheels and suspension. I also have a large selection of FJ 1200s and parts to choose from. My plan is to build a bike set aside some great spares for myself and I will be unloading a lot of bodywork wheels and miscellaneous parts. I hope we're allowed to list things for sale here as well. So I look forward to chatting with all of you about questions and thoughts that I'll be going through, and I know probably most things have been discussed over the many years of this by being out there.
I live in Garden Valley California. I am outside of Georgetown. Which is in between Auburn and Placerville on 193, about 40 miles due east of Sacramento. The roads here are amazing and some of the best in the country. So it's a great place to ride.
For what it is worth I have several other motorcycles. Including a very very clean 82 Suzuki Katana which is in my living room, my current street bike is the amazing Kawasaki H2 SESX, and I have a KTM EXC350F.
Looking forward to meeting y'all, PETER


Welcome in Peter - and don't worry, selling parts here is both welcomed and encouraged.

The great news is that at least you're in the same state as the Forum hosts RPM, so you have the USA's number 1 people's court FJ parts, advice and services, on your doorstep.

Looking forward to seeing some photos (we LOVE FJ photo's) and project updates  :good2:

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Nice to meet you. Thanks for the reply!


Welcome Peter, 86 was my first FJ and like you, I still have it and it is ready for ground up kind of loving. I am looking forward to watching your progress.
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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Hey there FJ Monkey... great name...
My first plan is to start from the front wheel back. I think I'm going to start with an 89FJ 1200 front end they eliminated the anti-dive and have a modern size wheel. It also has four pot brake calipers. So I'll start there and post any updates. My biggest thoughts are improving the suspension itself. I have several sets of springs that I may cut to alleviate the fast response and use larger spacers to stiffen it up.

Pat Conlon

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Ted Schefelbein

Up here, we would call that a "winter project". No riding in these parts for 5-7 months, depending.

I wish the very best to you in your restoration and riding efforts. I owned a 1995 750 GSX, that I rode to both coasts, and a pink stripe that I bought off the showroom floor in 1992. Current ride is a 1989, that was dismantled, modified, and repainted, bigly, before I bought it. I've tuned it and made a few modifications to get it reliable and back on the road. Still have to winterize it, however.

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Welcome to the Forum  :hi:

Your direction is spot on for the front end upgrade.
For a few Benjamins more you have incredible brakes and phenomenal forks...... Late model FZR1000 and early YZF1000 (R1) forks to keep it all Yamaha. I went with a Suzuki GSX-R1000 front end. Absolutely stunning handling and stopping power.

I'm not the fastest FJ rider, I am 'half-fast', the fastest slow guy....

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Quote from: pjm-creative on October 29, 2023, 06:09:30 PM
Always love the bike, always had a passion for the 86 in particular. Just thought it was the best looking.

Welcome from an '87 lover.
Brian Peterson
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