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Piston Rings Oversize

Started by Frogger, November 13, 2023, 12:54:48 AM

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Hi all and greetings from Down Under!

I'm rebuilding my FJ11 84 with a mate who's doing the engine rebuild for me. On cleaning the the pistons down he found them stamped 0.5mm oversize. I've been struggling to find rings to suit, pretty rare, I contacted Randy who says he sold his oversize gear to Andrew Mororsports, Andrew has a set which I think are correct but just after some options if they are or not. I'll post the link below. My mechanic says that Yamaha did two oversize, 0.5mm and 1.0mm, being first and second. The rings I'm looking at are posted as 2nd oversize and don't mention 0.5mm or 1.0mm, waiting for an email back from Andrew but be glad to have any input.

If there are other places to source them be great to hear about it!

Be safe and enjoy.