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Terms and Conditions: Rental for the RPM Shim kit

Started by Pat Conlon, April 20, 2013, 01:32:55 PM

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Pat Conlon

As a service to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Contributing Members of the FJ Owners Forum, RPM has assembled a shim kit, available for rental.

 If you have any questions or if you wish to put your name on the reservation list, do so over in the Maintenance Section where there is a topic posted at the top of the section.
You can't miss it:  Sign Up List for FJOwners Tool Rental

 Here are the conditions of the kit rental:

1) Due to various customs and import regulations and fees, the shim kit will only be available for shipping to addresses within the Continental United States

2) The kit will only be available to Bronze, Silver and Gold Contributing members of the FJ Owners Forum.

3) The FJowners shim kit & tool will be rented via PayPal for $260.00 which includes the $60 rental fee and the $200 refundable deposit. The $60 rental fee includes RPM's shipping costs to you.

The address for the PayPal payment is:

This payment must be made as a "Friends & Family". If not the PayPal fees associated with a non-gift payment will be taken from the $200.00 deposit.
So again, send as a Friends & Family via PayPal, a total of $260.00 to the above address of which $60.00 will be the rental fee and shipping, and the remaining $200 will be the refundable deposit.

You must have a 'verified' PayPal account for the exchange of funds to work.
Visit PayPal at: for more information on setting up your verified account.

4) Your name, shipping address, email and FJowners user ID will need to be attached to the PayPal payment in the comment field.   

5) The kit will be shipped to the renter via USPS priority mail service with an associated tracking number which will be emailed to you at the time of shipment.

6) The member will have use of the kit for a fourteen (14) days maximum based on the delivery date via the tracking information. Following the fourteen (14) days  from receipt of the kit,  late charges will apply and be debited from the deposit (see below)

7) Once the renter has completed their adjustment they document the shims used, add their old shims to the kit. If the renter of the kit wants to keep his old shims, then a additional charge per shim will be debited from the deposit (see below)

So to be clear, the shim kit is sent to you with 95 shims, we expect the kit to be returned with 95 or you will be charged for every shim the returned kit is short. Please do not exchange shims from the kit that are not used in your engine. There will be a specific inventory of each shim.

8 ) The kit needs to be returned to RPM via USPS priority mail shipment, medium flat rate is going to be the cheapest based on the weight of the kit at the current 2024 price of $18.40 which includes the tracking number. The box is free and can be picked up at any USPS post office, do not ship the shim kit in any other box. Once the priority shipment a tracking number is received by the renter, this number needs to be forwarded to RPM via email so that they can track the package.

9) Once the package is received, inventoried and the tool inspected for damage, you will be credited back via your PayPal account in the amount of $200.00 as a gift so that you do not incur any fees.

     ** If you decide to keep your old shims you removed, you will be charged for re-stocking the inventory. The cost per shim will be $14.59 each.
          This restocking will be done with new shims at the cost of new shims listed on my website and deducted from the $200.00 deposit.

     ** If the tool is damaged due to bending or breakage to due contact with the camshaft, a replacement tool will be  added to the kit and the price of the tool deducted from the $200.00 deposit. The cost of the replacement tool will be $55.00

Now, if you go over the amount of days allotted for the use of the kit, a late fee will be deducted in the amount of $9.00 per day based receipt of the kit via the receipt date via the tracking number.

Shim kit inventory:

95) Shims
1) Hold down tool and screw
1) Magnet
2) Pages of instructions, laminated.

Return shipping location:

410 South 5th Av
Oakdale, Ca. 95361

Here is what the kit looks like:

Here is the box you use for USPS return shipping:
1) Free Owners Manual download:
2) Don't store your FJ with E10 fuel
3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
4) Important items for the '84-87 FJ's:
Safety wire:
Fuel line: