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RIP Darko Labas 5 May 2023

Started by Troyskie, July 27, 2023, 05:12:14 AM

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Some of you will already know from FB.

I don't think he was a member but I know some here knew him personally and others via FB.

I think his record of over 1.4 million k's on a pretty much stock (rebuilt a few times) 11 will be a hard act to follow.

RIP Darko
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 Yes, the sad news was on FB a short while ago.

I never met Darko, but followed his posts for a long time. His mileage were epic. A sad loud to the whole FJ community.

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Old Rider

Sad to hear RIP Darko .I think Balky1 knew him .


Quote from: Old Rider on July 27, 2023, 11:08:50 AM
Sad to hear RIP Darko .I think Balky1 knew him .

I didn't post here since I had no idea you knew about him. Legend lives!
He died suddenly of pulmonary embolism, rode his FJ that day. It has close to 1.6 million km I think, but definitely more than 1.5.


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