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Motor protection bars

Started by !1Diesel, July 21, 2023, 09:01:18 AM

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Hi, does anyone know of a company who makes protection bars for both sides of the bike. I'm going to show you 2 pictures of someone else's bike. He bought them in the U.K.  He had them powder coated red. They came in black.  Or does anyone have any.  Thank you



They look just like the Renntec bars I have my 89'.
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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Do they add any rigidity?

Where are u located?


Quote from: manden on July 10, 2024, 12:24:29 AMDo they add any rigidity?

Where are u located?

They are bolted at 2 different points on the frame. I would imagine that a small amount of rigidity is added.

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