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RIP Bob Weymouth 5/14/23 (Weymouth399)

Started by Travis398, May 17, 2023, 05:36:03 AM

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With great sorrow I'm posting this. I know some of you knew Bob. He passed away Sunday night the doctors are saying it was from a tic bite.
I've lost the greatest friend and beer drinking buddy of my life. RIP Weymouth399

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Yes, this news came as quite a shock. I heard of his passing Monday along with the tic bite and subsequent illness that ultimately took him.

God speed, Bob.

Randy - RPM
Randy - RPM


My Condolences on the passing of your friend and drinking buddy, Travis.

My Deepest Sympathies go out to You and Bobs family.
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Very sorry to hear about Bob.
He will be missed by the Motorcycling Community.
Ride in peace my friend.......... :cray:
Alan H.
Denver, CO
'90 FJ1200

Pat Conlon

I'm sorry to hear this news Travis.
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So sorry to hear about the loss.

Just earlier this year. I have a friend who had been feeling sick.
The doctors could not figure it out and kept sending him home.
He was talking to his sister, a nurse, and she suggested he get checked for tick bites related viruses, as ticks, they are common here.
I loath ticks, but anyway.
He went back to the doctor and told them specifically what to check for, that's what it was.
Good chance it could have killed him, nothing to be toyed with, for sure.

I enjoy the memories of the gentleman that passed, sounds like a good man.
Columbia, Missouri