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R.I.P. Henry Russell 10/25/22 (rvnmaniac)

Started by carey, October 28, 2022, 09:31:33 PM

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R.I.P. Henry Russell, October 25, 2022 (rvnmaniac)

It's with a heavy heart that I inform the FJ community that my friend Henry Russell has passed away.  He had glioblastoma that was diagnosed in early 2021.  Many knew he had a health issue when he missed the 2021 Boone rally while recovering from his first brain surgery, but he made the 2021 Fall rally.  His last rally was the 2022 Boone Rally in May, but as of July the cancer caught up with him.  

His decline from July was pretty rapid, and his suffering finally ended this week.  I will always admire that he went down fighting.  After his second brain surgery in July, the loss of motor skills in his right arm and leg were obvious.  He started to experience seizures in September, but this didn't stop him from sneaking out of the house and driving to a Ravens game on October 2nd.  Unfortunately, he experienced a seizure while driving home and crashed his car, two blocks from home.

It was 1999 that Henry, Jack and I met on our first trip to the "Dragon", and I have a lot of great memories since then.  

Pat Conlon

I have fond memories of Henry. He flew into Palm Springs and stayed at my house and we rode together to the first Colorado FJ rally in Gunnison. What a great time we had. Truly a gentleman. I need to collect my thoughts, I have some stories to tell.....
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I first met Henry, Carey, Dean, Jeff Hoffman and several others when in 2000 I convinced my wife that I needed to ride 4 states away  to meet a bunch of 'strangers' I found on the internet. We all have gotten to know each other over the last 22+ years and most, at least, I would call friends. Henry was great, hehelped my wife Kris feel welcomed to the group when I convinced her to come along as my passenger. When she started riding her own bike he was very helpful to her with pointers and advice on improving her riding. K ris and I will miss him very much. As we have missed Randy and Eric too. Get out there and enjoy life everybody, and have fun with your friends and family while you can.

George D
George D
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I had the opportunity to meet Henry at the 2012 Colorado Rally.

I remember, I think it was his FJR missing it's windshield on the trailer when they arrived. The campfire conversations were very enjoyable.

God Speed.

Randy - RPM


May Henry's passing be a relief from suffering for he and those who loved him. A reminder to us all of our fragility and to enjoy the time with our friends and families. It was a pleasure knowing you for the short time I did and here is to an eternity of peace.

Dave Skipper
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Carey, thanks for letting us know.

He will be sorely missed.
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Ted Schefelbein

Always sad to hear about a fellow rider not on the road anymore.


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FJ Flyer

Henry's funeral service was yesterday in Baltimore.  A few of us were able to make it.  Carey and Kris had some very touching words about Henry.  Hard to believe he's gone.
Chris P.
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Wear your gear.

FJ Flyer

Chris P.
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Wear your gear.

Steve C.

I'm really glad Henry was able to attend and ride VERY well at the Spring Rally, it was (as always) fun hanging out and riding with him.  He will be missed in the twisties and around the campfire.
Steve C.
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I will forever remember GA348 as the Henry Russell Memorial Highway  A great ride to remember a great friend. So many fond rally memories of Henry and the entire group.


FJ Flyer

Quote from: SlowOldGuy on November 22, 2022, 02:54:22 PM
I will forever remember GA348 as the Henry Russell Memorial Highway  A great ride to remember a great friend. So many fond rally memories of Henry and the entire group.


I only made it to Tellico once, and I still think the same thing.....Henry Russell Highway.
Chris P.
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Wear your gear.