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Vilike's sporty 1TX

Started by Vilike, November 07, 2022, 01:48:03 PM

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Hey there.

We have modded my '86 1TX to be more sporty, and to get a better handling. At this point the front of the bike is a lot more stable. With the custom handlebars the bike got a much comfortable, sporty sitting position. Conversions made so far :

- FZR1000 Exup RU front wheel, top and lower yokes, brake discs and brake hoses
- Showa 43mm USD forks
- Brembo 4 piston brake calipers
- Ducati Monster front mudguard
- custom made sport handle bars
- ignition switch height reduced to fit in to the Exup top yoke
- headlight/main cowling supporting frame inner welding grinded for the thicker forks to fit in.

Things to do :
- main cowling+instrument panel OR smaller brake/clutch levers conversion-modification to get the handle bars fit in when turning. I need advice and suggestions about it.
- 1000 Exup rear wheel OR wheel+shock OR wheel+shock+swingarm swap

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Awesome! I love the colors, the mods. I need to get my 86' project started. Thanks.
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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As you already have the FZR top yoke, you could just drill the 2 holes to 10mm, from 8mm and fit a set of 2001-2005 FZ1 risers and handlebar. You get some more adjustability and can use a range of alternative bars to make sure you get something to fit inside the fairing. I also fitted the FZ1 master cylinder, which got me the standard span-adjustable brake lever.

On the rear end, it seems pointless to fit the FZR arm into the FJ (no significant difference). A much better option if you want to make the bike more sporty is to fit the YZF 1000R Thunderace swinging arm and wheel, which shortens the wheelbase by about an inch and gets you a really nice wheel for the best tyres. Then, get a shock with adjustable length, so you can raise the rear a bit too  :good2: :good2:

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Thanks a lot for the suggetions !

Well, the first goal is the possibility of sporty handle bars. I rather modify the cowling just to keep those bars on my bike. We need only 2-3 cm more space for the master cylinders to turn. I think some grinding will do it.
FJ1200 1TX '1986
FJ1200 3CW '1988
FZR1000 Exup 3LE '1991