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Drive way repair

Started by chiz, September 23, 2022, 08:49:47 AM

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Well it turned out the large wet spot was not water emanating from under the bike and I did not see the dripping .. everything now smells of gas and I now have two repairs ahead. Gas sure does a number on blacktop over an extended time.
This is my fault of course as when I was doing carb sync I turned the tank around disconnected the vacuum line and turned the tap to prime, later went for a spin and was very satisfied. On turning the tap I must have damaged the internals. Is there a quick fix? and I have not discovered why the system leaked carbs I guess  are the usual suspects. So I had leaky carbs and a good valve all along? What would be you guys best guess?


Update #2 carb drain hose has gas in it.. gas valve revealed a leaky carb.


Sounds like you need to 1) rebuild your petcock and 2) adjust your carb float levels and/or replace your float needle valves

Sorry to hear about the trouble.
Brian Peterson
1987 FJ1200

T Legg

Only the vacuum shut off diaghram is still available for the fj1100's. A year ago Robert from RPM said they only had 100 new petcocks left. I bought on to replace the one on my yellow 1100 and one more for future use.
   I was able to find the old gasket for the selector handle but after replacing the parts and polishing the selector valve sealing surface it would work for a month or so and then let me down and leak again. I would buy a new one now while you can still get them.
T Legg


Ok   Replaced the bits a few years ago in the valve at the time I was confused to how it worked so I took a closer look today.The little o ring on the diaphragm shuts the fuel off? and prime is double the flow? Are there other vacuum taps that will fit?