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Are early airbox rubbers the same as later models?

Started by rdbilly, May 12, 2022, 04:51:58 PM

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Does anybody know if the early airbox rubbers are the same as the later models?
I managed to get second hand rubbers from Ebay but fitting was a nightmare. I have a 1993 ABS model and the original damaged rubbers were numbered but the ones I bought from eBay were not. Unless they got worn off. The ebay ones seemed shorter.
I did manage to fit them in the end but it was a lot of work.
Any ideas?

RPM - Robert

Part numbers are different. ABS show unavailable 1985 shows outers not available inners available.

So, I would guess they are likely different.

Old Rider

They are not similar.I have done the same bought a airbox on ebay and then discover that the airbox manifoils was not the same  :good2: