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R.I.P. Mark Arliss 8/14/2021 (markfjer)

Started by racerrad8, August 22, 2021, 06:38:02 PM

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R.I.P. Mark Arliss 8/14/2021 (markfjer)

I found out today, Mark Arliss of the UK passed away last Saturday as the result of a heart attack at his home. Mark was one of the early members here and club official of the UK FJ Owners forum. I met mark and his partner Kerry Rawson many years ago due to the common cause, the might FJ.

Mark Arliss, 2019 New York

Mark and Kerry traveled to the US back in 2014 and stopped by RPM for a visit on their way to see the sights of California and the west coast. I was honored to know that RPM was on the list of sights to see when the came to the USA. Here is a the link to some of the photos Kerry took when they stopped by:

God speed and RIP Mark.

Randy - RPM