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Started by chiz, June 24, 2021, 07:11:57 PM

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Hi Just enquiring if anyone out there can remember how to remove cowling/faring on 84 FJ. I have done it before but after removing the 6 bolts and screws now its just looseish I assume it just pulls forward to get it off?
  Thanks Chiz

Pat Conlon

Side scoops and ducts off, big electrical plug and small plug disconnect, speedo cable disconnected, then I lightly pull apart the fairing sides while I pull the fairing forward.
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T Legg

There are two holes with grommets in them as well,one on each side of the front of the fairing that slip over pins on the frame. You gently pull the fairing free of pins then you can slide the fairing forward and off.
T Legg


OK seems I just have to pull harder or something?? maybe wiggle and jiggle as well?