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1986 Wrecked... Totaled... Attempt to salvage.

Started by Loukiii, March 18, 2023, 01:58:56 PM

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So I wrecked on Mar 7th 2023. Hit some sand or gravel in a turn and took a slide basically. It was nighttime. Highway Patrol showed up almost as soon as I stopped sliding. Called a tow truck and hauled my bike off to the salvage yard and the insurance company totaled it.
When I saw the adjustors laundry list of things wrong with the bike it did not sound like the same bike that was put on the tow truck. I am sure they just wanted to total the bike because it is old and they figured parts would be outrageously expensive or unavailable.

I got to bring the bike home yesterday finally and did a quick triage. The bike started right up with no problems once I got it home. (for some reason it did not start at the salvage I think it was depressed. Im wondering if it might turn out like the Stephen King novel Christine... would be kind of cool...)
Attached are some pictures of what I have found that needs repair/replacement.

Rear Brake lever is already on the way. Looking for right handlebar, Right footpeg and some different slip ons. Turn signal is just scratched. I can live with it. Oh.. and a new clutch lever because somehow miraculously even though all the damage was to the right side of the bike somehow the clutch lever got bent and the left bar end cap got all scratched up. So I need new weighted handle bar end caps too.
I have found everything I need so far on E-bay I am just looking for the best conditioned stuff I can find.

My main concern is the crankshaft cover on the side of the motor and the worn out area on the case around it. It looks like 2 screws are sticking out or broke off in side where the cover goes on.


Did you post on the forum when you wrecked? I seem to remember a post of a crash from a member back then. I love the reference to Christine, it's my favorite Stephen King novel. Back in 2011 I totaled my VN750, which gave me a chance to rebuild it the way I wanted it. So you now have the opportunity to do the same! Lucky you are on the forum because parts should be easier to find. Fortunately most years were pretty much the same. Good luck and please update your progress.



Definitely not as bad as it looked. Thanks to help from some of the people on this forum I think it is once again road worthy, although still in need of some minor cosmetics.
I still need to replace the exhaust and I don't really know what to get, or where to look. However the existing exhaust although ugly still works. I will replace it though.
The lower cowling is still cracked. I think I can use jb plastic weld or something of the sort to patch it up.  She wont be as pretty as she was but still fun to ride.  (no comments about being married for 30 years although I get the anology.)
I will probably do a little more dremel work around the crank cover to make it look nicer.
So far I have replaced the right clip on handlebar, crank cover, rear brake lever, right foot peg.


For fixing any plastic. Look at Plastex plastic repair kits. They have reusable molding bars. You'll need several bars for the big chunks that are missing.  But once you have them you can reuse them over and over. If someone lives close enough to you you can get a mold off of a good part and fill in the missing chunks sand it down perfect. It actually is powdered plastic that is chemically melted into the original plastic. Been many years and none of my repairs have come apart. Have to fix some more damage from trailer misshap. Myself sometime. If I ever find the time.
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I see you have a different design brakepedal than the one that is fitted on my 1986 bike.I guess that it is for a newer model than 1986 ?. Looking at the brakepedal on my bike that is the same type that punched a hole in the
clutchcover on my 1100 when it fell over.The side of the pedal that goes toward engine has a edge. I might get one of those newer design pedal



Quote from: Loukiii on March 29, 2023, 07:40:30 AM
This pedal is off an '89 I believe.
Correct , that would be 89+, the 84 to 87 are aluminum. 
The glass is not half full, it was engineered with a 2X safety factor.

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I think the one that was on my bike might have been a replacement too. Looking at it, I dont see that edge like the one in the picture. Maybe that was a good thing.