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Gravity fuel filter test

Started by Old Rider, November 02, 2020, 02:06:05 PM

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Old Rider

Quote from: Pat Conlon on November 09, 2021, 09:46:31 AM
Old Rider, you have been quiet on the product you used to seal your tank.
It wasn't by chance, Kreem?

No it was Bill Hirsh tanksealer.
By the way since there is a company that is specialized in chroming  nickelplating  goldplating and more not far from where i live .I mailed them this morning and asked if they could strip out the liner and also if they could either chrome or nickel plate the inside ,but the answer was they could not


Quote from: Old Rider on November 08, 2021, 01:22:53 PM. . . I wanted to avoid  rusting down in the angled points (sorry for bad English =) )
Old Rider,

No apology needed, here!  You are doing better in English that some native-born USA speakers.   :yes: 
The English people (UK) might say the USA population does not speak English, anyway.   :rofl2:

If you can talk your way around any issue here, we will be happy to help, maybe with the "correct" terms, if nothing else.

P.S. Life is too short, and health is too valuable, to ride on cheap parade-duty tires.

Old Rider

Thanks for that and I'm glad there is a spell check feature on the forum :yes:

Pat Conlon

Quote from: Old Rider on November 09, 2021, 10:47:20 AM
Thanks for that and I'm glad there is a spell check feature on the forum :yes:

I have found spell checking to be my worst enema...
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3) Replace your old stock rubber brake lines.
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Old Rider

Here is an update on this topic. In November 2021 i did a test to see if i can use the Spraymax 2K primer inside the gas tank since the liner is cracking up.
It looks promising and i might use the primer.I first sprayed a couple of canisters with the primer and filled them with fule that has etanol mixed into it.
Then placed them outside .Now 20 months later i had a look to se how it holds up. The fuel filter i stuffed inside the fuelhose is working fine no problems with fuelstarvation ,but i think it is because the fuelfilter sitting inside the gastank is doing its job.

Old Rider

Just a little update.The bike started to cut out when riding it was just for a second from time to time i thaught it was something electrical ,but
then started thinking about the brass  fuelfilter i had stuffed iniside the fuelhose. Stopped an pulled it out it looked a little dirty this time so i removed it and after that the bike runs smooth again.So the filter lasted 2 years before it started starving the fuel .Will replace it next season